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Cafe "U Knihomola"

 Restaurant and Cafe - Hradec Kralove

Why "U Knihomola?"
Perhaps because there used to be one of the first bookshops in Hradec Králové. Books can be found there even today, together with a lot of guests of all generations. The guests like Knihomol not only for its pleasant atmosphere but also for its excellent cuisine and reasonable prices.

What do we offer?
We offer a three-floor café and restaurant, a gallery for beginning artists, a garden with a playground for childen, nonsmooking room Bedna and a front garden with a view of the sights on The Old Square in the city Hradec Králové.

How do we care of your satisfaction?
The kitchen is equiped with high technology, the toilets are modern and our service team consists mainly of young people.Continuous cleaning service is ensured for your comfort. Are you curious? Come and see.
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